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                          Mechnotron is a National-level technical symposium organized with grandeur every year by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Coimbatore Institute of Technology.

The events conducted in Mechnotron on Day 1 are: Paper Presentation was held in 3 streams, Thermal, Manufacturing and Design. Cod E-Bots event was conducted in three stages wherein a quiz was conducted in the Kahoot app. In the next level, the participants were given a coding challenge in Python. In final level, the participants were asked to simulate a robot using a robotic simulator. Extruder is a technical event where participants were given a model and the same has to be made in SOLIDWORS as per specific dimensions and within limited time period. At Day 2, Out of box is a event focused on sales and marketing wherein first round. In next round there was a business presentation.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-06 at 12.58.01 (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-09-06 at 12.58.01.jpeg


1. Abishek P (1802002)

2. Hari S P (1802017)

3. Kaushik Balaji N S (1802023)

4. Saravana Kumar M (1802050)

5. Sridevi M (1802053)


  1. Kanagaraj M (1802021)

  2. Manish Shivaram B K (1802028)

  3. Nagarajan T (1802033)

  4. Muthu M (1802097)

  5. Nesanth K S (1802100)

  6. Priyadharshan S (18021066)


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